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Mickey's Vacation Club at a Minnie Price!

Buy This Riviera Resort Property Now

Thank you for your interest! We currently have an existing contract at full price for this property but will be happy to put you down as a "back-up" buyer should the current purchaser not fulfill their obligations. To do so, please read the costs as detailed below, complete the following information completely and hit submit. If the property becomes available an agent will contact you immediately and forward the proper documentation for you to proceed with the purchase.
Property Code: R18512BA0
Resort: Riviera Resort
Points: 185
Use Year: Dec
Deed Expiration: 1/31/2070
Availability: 233 points available now! (48 banked from '222, 185 from '23) All 185 coming in '24 *Riviera Resort points bought via resale can only be used at the Riviera Resort and the RCI exchange program*
Price Per Point: $132
Price: $24,420.00
Allotted Banked In Borrowed In Transferred In Hold Available Bankable
Previous Use Year: 2023 185 48 233 185
Current Use Year: 2024 185 185 185
Next Use Year: 2025 185 185 185

Total cost for this property will be the price of $24,420.00 plus the approximate closing costs of $650.00 plus the annual dues on 185 points from the current year's allocation at $8.85 per point: $1,637.25. This grand total is $26,707.25.

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