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The decision to sell our Disney Vacation Club is often difficult. We all have changes in our lifestyle that shift our priorities. While the DVC is a joy to our hearts, often we need to invest those dollars in other areas of our life. If that time for you is now or anytime in the future, we at DVC By Resale would be honored to help you with the sale of your DVC property. A licensed Real Estate Brokerage, DVC By Resale is the original company exclusively helping Disney Vacation Club Members with the sale of their property. Our owner, Shontell Crawford, is a former Disney Cast Member, has been a DVC Member since 1999 and handling resales of the Disney Vacation Club since 1997. You will find our team members at many Disney Vacation Club events, including the DVC Members’ only cruises, DVC Member Homecomings, Annual Association meetings and any event our Orlando based, annual pass holding team members are available to attend. We spend all of our marketing dollars targeting your Disney Vacation Club buyers, not other timeshares. Some of our advertising includes: our DVC By Resale website with answers to frequently asked questions for the first time buyer, detailed points charts to help them determine how many points their family will need, international advertising online, sponsorship of other Disney related websites and email lists, nationally distributed print media, Orlando airport (shown below), and sponsorship of Disney related events such as Mousefest and Magicmeets.

Our website is kept in REAL time so as to not waste anyone's time.

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Questions we encourage if you are deciding to sell through DVC By Resale:
  How long will it take my property to sell?

While our record is 7 minutes and we would love to sell every property as quickly, the average real estate transaction takes longer. We will be happy to discuss a timeframe with you when you contact us.

  Is the process complicated?

Not through DVC By Resale. We handle everything for you from beginning to end. You need only provide your contact information on the initial paperwork and be ready to sign the contracts when they arrive!

  Why don't you have more listings on your site?

Often properties sell BEFORE they are advertised on our site. We have a waiting list with thousands of people looking for just the right property. Small add-ons of less than 150 points often sell immediately when they are priced reasonably.

    DVC By Resale operates under a code of moral ethics. We do not leave properties on our site hoping to “bait” someone into calling about one property, then “switch” them into buying another property. Nor do we leave properties marked “Sale Pending” up for extended lengths of time. They are removed as soon as the signed contract and deposit are received, thereby not distracting the buyers from your property which may still be on the market.
  How much will it cost to sell?
    DVC By Resale does not charge ANY advertising fees, you will not pay anything upfront to put the property on the market with us. Once the property is sold, our brokerage receives a commission on the sale, as with any other real estate transaction. While resale percentages are not as small as residential real estate, you will find DVC By Resale has lower fees and superior specialized service for the sale of your Disney Vacation Club than any other resale company.
  How much money will I make?
    Thanks to Disney’s right of first refusal, most DVC properties sell at a higher value percentage than other timeshare properties will on the resale market. Members who bought when Disney first opened have even shown a profit! The price you paid, resort and time of ownership can all affect your bottom line.
    Ready to Sell? More Questions?
    Simply e-mail us at info@dvcbyresale.com 24 hours a day, seven days a week or call us toll free at 1.800.844.4099.
    We look forward to helping you!

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